Shipping in the Stars

Curio & Co. - Spaceman Jax - Mantagons male and female - love at first tentacle

Or more accurately, Shipping in Space.  As in, Spaceman Jax.

There’s not a lot of Spaceman Jax fan fiction out there – but it’s out there and whatever your feelings on fan fiction you should check it out.  Hilarious.  Margie writes a lot of fan fiction, but has never admitted to writing any Spaceman Jax stuff.  (But then she generally sticks to stories about Captain Eridanus from Sons of Jupiter falling in love with an Office Manager at a Company that Sells Entertainment Memorabilia.  Another company entirely, she insists.)

The show always made it clear that Red was Jax’s girl, but the Spaceman Jax fan fiction out there is almost entirely stories where Red and Star Cowboy get together.  While Jax certainly had the “intellect of a Ploridian Lunar Beast”, he also had a heart of gold.  And it’s hard to think of Jax’s best friend and best girl breaking that heart.  Still, what it is about those two? 

We’re guessing it’s everyone’s hope to see Red’s loyalty and strength rewarded with something other than bumbling and trouble.  And Star Cowboy is the ultimate loner.  He calls Jax his best friend in the galaxy, and still seems kind of distant.  Maybe everyone just wants to see that ol’ rocket ranger finally settle down, and they figure that Red’s the only gal who could tame him. 

Whatever the case may be in the world of fan fiction, we think that Red and Jax make one of the sweetest couples in animation.

Jax's robot RT and that Mantagon girl, though. Now, that would be a romance worth shipping!