“Get us out from under, Wonder Woman!”

Curio & Co. looks at a new way to channel Wonder Woman

Whether or not Wonder Woman was ever gone, she is certainly back in a big way.  

The upcoming TV show is definitely generating a lot of strong opinions – admittedly, most of them are about the costume.  But some of the talk about the show is hinges on whether or not to revisit, and redo, a TV show that was very dear to a lot of viewers.  Sometimes, it seems, we need a superheroine to protect our nostalgia.

A lot of us in the office know exactly zip about cosmetics and skin care – although Louis Smeedley has copies of some old Nivea ads hanging in his office – but we think the spring line of cosmetics from MAC is a perfect fit. The retro styling on the packaging really taps into memories of the show and the character in general.  And if a lipstick or eye liner can make someone feel like they have superhuman strength, animal-like cunning and a Lasso of Truth, well then mere mortals might be inspired to vanquish their own villains.  Who wouldn’t want to be Wonder Woman from time to time?  (Margie admits that as a kid she wore her Wonder Woman Underoos out as a Halloween costume.)

Comics may not have the greatest reputation for representing strong female characters, but Wonder Woman has always fought for justice, especially gender equality.  (Heck, she graced her own cover of Ms. Magazine!)  So if any woman embodies strength, it’s certainly Wonder Woman.  And since MAC is known for their social initiatives, this is a brand cooperation that benefits everyone.  

But it makes us wonder what other ways comic book characters can leave the kids aisle and show up on products for grown-ups… Wolverine + Victorinox kitchen knives?  Superman + Phillips CT scanners?  Batman + Craftsman utility belts?  The possibilities are exciting.