Just a pop of the dice

Curio & Co. plays classic board games with Pop-o-matic.

Pop-o-Matic... it's how we roll.

Nothing can seem simpler than rolling the dice to move colored pieces around a track.  But leave it to Kohner Brothers to make even that simple act into a space-age thing of tomorrow!

Kohner Brothers released the game Trouble in 1965, complete with the Pop-o-Matic bubble.  Other games quickly incorporated the gadget, like Frustration, Headache, Cross Over the Bridge, Side Track and even Pop-o-Matic Bingo.  

While the Pop-o-Matic solved the problem of cheating or losing the dice (especially since it was usually mounted right to the board) the real appeal of course is that cool popping noise it made.  It's a pity more games didn't include it.

Once you pop, you just can't stop!