The Game of Life (1960)

The Game of Life (1960)

Be careful how you play it, it’s a game of Life or death.

Going through the game closet, we pulled down the Game of Life – but didn’t play it.  The game was vetoed not for the fond memories we had (“The clicking sound of the spinner!” “Those tiny little cars” “The cool stock certificates!”), but instead because we weren’t sure if those fond memories could protect us from the harsh reality of the game.  After all, even the winner dies at the end.  What a downer!

The Game of Life (or just “Life”) was created in 1960 for the 100-year anniversary of Milton Bradley.  The game took its name from the game that got Milton Bradley its start, although the similarities between the two end there. 

Life takes you through all the ups and downs that you can expect, with success based on the choices you make – and of course a healthy amount of luck.  As a kid, those ups and downs may seem like a funny roller coaster that’s still pretty far off.  But now that we’re not kids anymore… Well, let’s just say a game where we could end up broke and alone living at the Poor Farm seems kind of depressing. 

We’d played Hungry, Hungry Hippos instead.