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You Can Go Home Again!

There’s nowhere better than home. Playing games and inviting friends for a sleepover during the weekend brings back fond memories of simpler times long past. Saturday was an endless day filled with bubblegum and knock-knock jokes. Yet, when Sunday night rolled around, it was back to baths and bedtime. The only thing that could save you from the utter disappointment of routine, was a good cuddly toy and a story or two.

So why don’t you cozy up and be a kid again, with Frank and his Friend. Created by the wonderfully talented, Clarence ‘Otis’ Dooley, it’s still the sweet story you remember reading over and over again, in your favorite tree, or blanket fort. I know Ned (Head of Research at Curio & Co) would like to remind you that even if you had saved every comic-strip of Frank and his Friend, like he has, this new special edition is a piece of childhood that fits perfectly in your pocket, and won’t get newsprint all over your fingers.

Bunchy - One Is Not Enough - Illustrated vintage magazine ad with woman holding Bunchy Cola (circa 1950's) - by Curio & Co. (Curio and Co. OG) www.curioandco.com

One Is Not Enough


The recipe for simulated gold flakes is about the best kept secret in soft drink...

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