Hunting Down Your Collection

Nothing Else Will Do

For some, it's a matter of curiosity. Here at Curio & Co., we were excited to reproduce one of the Tarot of Musterberg decks that were used at Pennyland. But the original deck, the one that Pennyland creator George Steepleback brought back from Europe for his fiancée... There are a lot of rumors about that deck. They're probably just rumors, but all the same, we'd love to get our hands on it and find out if any of the stories are true.

For some, it's personal. The new generation of editors at Ringer Comics have been pretty vocal about their desire to get the translation rights back for an English version of Italian comic Roger Believe - and atone for the botched job that was done in the 1980s. (The publishing house that owns the rights, Bernardo Fiaccacolo Editore, still refuses to takes Ringer's calls.)

Lost in Translation

Farnblatt's Encyclopedia of Water Stains holds the world record for most translated book - at 9,617 translations. However, as the world's written languages are estimated to number around 4,000 (and even water stain enthusiasts admit to having dozed off while reading the monotonous tome), the record has never been verified.

And then some are the stuff of legends. Jim Dewicky, p.u.d. Film animator who worked on Spaceman Jax and the Galactic Adventures, remembers that when the show's sponsor asked for fan club pin suggestions, someone at the studio submitted 'Major Uranus'. A few of them actually hit the market before the sponsor realized it, and Dewickey says he's been looking for one ever since. (Not that he suggested it himself, he's quick to point out. But maybe, just maybe, he knows who did...)