A Little Learning Goes a Long Way

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

As a species, humans are a pretty curious bunch, and kids in particular love to learn. But while parents and teachers stress that a good education will determine how far you go in life, they're usually talking about what they consider important - like learning math to be an astronaut or studying history to become a world leader. They're very rarely talking about something like pop culture trivia.

But a little piece of pop culture trivia can change lives. Just ask Beppe Fagagna.

There's an App for That Now

An early predecessor to our online e-learning programs was the Teach-o-mat, created by Chestnut & Chestnut out of Philadelphia, who were eager to cash in on the trend in automat diners. For a nickel, Teach-o-mat students could receive a worksheet to complete, the answers for which would be distributed the next day.