Memory is the Best Time Machine

Where Did the Time Go?

Time seems to have stretched longer in the past. Lazy childhood days seem to have always been Saturdays in the summer and Fridays when school was in session, when time spun out even longer as you waited for class to end. But there just seemed to be more of it back then. More time to read books, stretch out under a tree and dream of all the things you might do.

But as an adult, it seems like each year the calendar jumps ahead a little faster. Just where did all that time go?

Novelty is the Key to Youth

Or anyway, feeling younger. It's all those new experiences we had as children (first steps, first day of school, first crush) that makes us remember that time more vividly, with the impression that it passed so much more slowly. Turns out, day-to-day drudgery is not just bad for your attitude, it also makes your memory skip encoding all the boring events. (Who wants to remember that epic line at the DMV in every minute detail?). So take a page from our motto here at Curio & Co. - Ludus, Novitas, Sinceritas - and put some novelty in every day. You'll feel years younger.