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Oberpfaffendorfer - Glamour Roast - Illustrated vintage poster ad with flapper drinking coffee (circa 1920's) "Exotic Aroma" - by Curio & Co. (Curio and Co. OG)

49.95 EUR

Glamour Roast

There’s nothing glamorous about Monday mornings. I guess if Mondays mean starting your trek through the Himalayas or the launch of your new film’s press junket – well that might be different. But for the rest of us, Mondays don’t feel so much like the start of something as they feel like an end… with an hour-long commute. And there’s only one thing that gets us through: coffee.

Released in 2013, this reproduction from a 1923 Oberpfaffendorfer advertisement is part of a rare edition of giclée prints. Each print carries an official Curio & Co. stamp and comes with an embossed Certificate of Authenticity. For more information about product materials, click here.

Hang this print in your kitchen to give you a morning boost when your doctor tells you that you’ve got to switch to decaf. Hang it in your office to give you the power you need to sail through the quarterly reports. Best of all – hang it wherever you can see it Monday mornings. It will do you good.

General Details

Year: Reproduced in 2013 from 1923 original

Material: Giclée print

Paper: Hahnemühle museum quality acid-free paper

Size: 26.7 x 33.0 cm (10.5 x 13 in)

Image Size: 20.32 x 28.6 cm (8 x 11.25 in)


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Founded in the early 1900s, Oberpfaffendorfer is a family-run company manufacturing packaged foods. With roots in German-speaking Switzerland, the company is as known for its family loyalty as it is for its packaged “comfort food.” Oberpfaffendorfer fully embraced the frozen food market in the 1950s, and some of its popular products include Neptune Nibblets and its Croquettes. The company slogan, “We’re a mouthful!” plays on the company’s difficult-to-pronounce name, as well as its reputation for hearty food.


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, Jul 17, 2017
by Ned Wazowski

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